Electricty Sub-Metering Solutions

Change the way you look at Sub-Meters forever!

TGE Property have partnered with Eticom who have developed a unique solution for Landlords of multi-tenanted commercial buildings, such as serviced offices and short-term commercial workshops, that provides flexible MID1 approved sub-metering throughout the building.

The systems are designed and built in the UK and all the software is written and supported by Eticom. We survey each site initially and develop the full solution, the systems are then built, installed and commissioned by Eticom, ongoing support is also supplied by Eticom.


Eticom install MID approved meters to every part of the building, collate the usage every 30 minutes and hold this data on the Eticom Cloud® software. The meters accurately calculate the usage for any energy used: electricity, gas or water.


The Eticom billing platform can then be used to send the bills to each tenant for the energy used. Tenants are invited to sign up for the utility being used, the price they will be charged is displayed, including the next review date for tariffs. Once the offer is accepted, the Tenant enters their bank details and the system will take agreed payments monthly by direct debit, 7 days after notification of the amount owed.

Benefits to Landlords

  • Accurate MID approved billing to Tenants
  • Greatly reduced operational time
  • All information on usage and payment history is held on the Eticom Dashboard
  • Energy is purchased wholesale and sold to Tenants at an agreed margin
  • Margin is usually 3p kWh, can be charged up to 17.5p kWh
  • Tenants can see their usage every day if required via the Mobil App
  • Monthly energy bills are collected automatically into Landlord Bank Account

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Investment Options

The cost of the system is usually recovered well within the initial 12-month period and can be purchased in three different ways:

  1. Outright purchase
  2. Lease over 3, 4 or 5 years
  3. Rental over 10-years

Additional Options

  • Remote incoming utility bill validation
  • Multi meter monitoring for each building throughout the estate
  • Customer can upgrade to the full energy management portal

A 10-year support contract, annual service & maintenance contract & monthly cloud access fees apply.

MID = Measurement Instrument Directive

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